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This easy to use, elegantly designed system makes it easy for you to find all your favourites. From your favourite TV soap to the big match, box office movies or TV series box sets.

We offer 5 different Packages to suit your needs:

  • WatchBestTV BRONZE Pack subscription – click here to find out more
  • WatchBestTV SILVER Pack subscription – click here to find out more
  • WatchBestTV GOLD Pack subscription – click here to find out more
  • WatchBestTV PLATINUM Pack subscription – click here to find out more
  • WatchBestTV SCANDINAVIAN subscription – click here to find out more

You are sure to find the right package to suit you.

Designed to be easy to use and similar to the Sky TV features you may be used to, we have sorted all of the available channels into categories, making life simple for the technophobic.

Unlike other similar systems, our Eurobox MAG 254 is truly – as its name suggests – a European option

We have TV channels from various countries including the UK, USA, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland as well as all your favourite UK channels.

All your favourite expat TV on one IPTV box, providing the best in entertainment for you and your family. Plus the added bonus of 14 day catch-up, Video Club, Audio Club, radio stations, karaoke feature and unrivalled customer service!

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Easy to use EPG

Our packages include an Electronic Programming Guide (or EPG), which will display all the TV schedules for the next seven days. Just page up and down or left to right to locate the channel or programme that you wish to view or record. You can view a DEMO here. The WatchBestTV MAG 254 EuroBox system also uses the latest technology and first generation streaming to bring you the ultimate viewing experience.

To order your Subscription Package, click here.  If you have any questions at all use our Contact Us form here, or chat to us live using our Live Chat box (bottom right corner).